Ruth Stadler & Javier Sánchez

“We are the founders of the school Learning&Cooking who met many years ago while making a German movie in Spain and we have been together ever since. We present here our new project and hope you will join us.”

Ruth Stadler

She is from Munich, and has been working in film and television as a scriptwriter and producer for many years. She has a diploma as a translator for French literature, the DAF diploma to teach German and the Spanish D.E.L.E. diploma as an accreditation of her experience in teaching Spanish. In truth, she has a passion for teaching languages.

Javier Sánchez

He was born in Seville and has travelled around the world as managing director for large-scale international events which gave him the opportunity to discover a multitude of cuisines. For the past ten years he has been asked to participate in cooking events as a gastronomic assessor. And as a self-taught chef who loves to share unique experiences in the creation of culinary works of art, he knows how to use products to their greatest advantage to help you showcase your recipes.